The Phoenix Reborn

Phoenix RebornThe Phoenix Reborn

Between 1967-1973, the United States conducted the most ambitious program of the Vietnam War: the Phoenix Program. Popularly remembered as an assassination program due to its use of blacklists, the true nature of the Phoenix Program and its impact on the conduct of war has been lost.

The Phoenix Program was a trial and error process that wove military, intelligence and security programs and operations together in an effort to defeat the civilian infrastructure supporting the Viet Cong in South Vietnam. It paved the way for the national security system to fight the intelligence- driven wars of the modern day.

The Phoenix Program can be seen in the reorganization of the U.S.’s national security apparatus, in the programs and operations that generate actionable intelligence in the Global War on Terror or Overseas Contingency Operations and in the joint operations and special forces units on the front lines of unconventional war.

The Phoenix Reborn is a unique audio book that transfers its listeners back into the chaos of the Vietnam War through the voices of the people who were there. Interviews with the masterminds of the Phoenix Program are woven together in an audio experience that sheds light on what the Phoenix Program was and its reincarnation in the national security programs of the present day.

The Phoenix Reborn features the interviews of William Colby, Nelson Brickham and Evan Parker, in addition to numerous other intelligence and military personnel that participated in The Phoenix Program.