The Big Fix Remix

Big Fix

The Big Fix Remix

Published in 1991, The Big Fix remains one of the few sources that exposed the hidden dimension to the financial crisis initiated by the large-scale failure of Savings & Loan institutions in the 1980s. In its closing chapter it warned that the same factors that resulted in the Savings & Loan debacle existed in the housing market and an even greater financial catastrophe would come. Less than two decades later, its warning proved accurate.

The Big Fix Remix is a return to the research and analysis of The Big Fix through the lens of the Global Financial Crisis. A summary of The Big Fix is provided in addition to original content that simplifies the causes, consequences and responses to the 2008 financial meltdown. The housing market was just one financial industry The Big Fix warned was destined to cause an economic meltdown; the student loan industry was also on the list. The Big Fix Remix confirms that student loans remain a ticking financial time bomb.

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