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The Information Collective produces original print, eBook and audio book products devoted to making academic texts and government documents accessible. Information Collective products provide the information that all need to know in formats that enable all to know it.


Big FixThe Big Fix Remix: Published in 1991, The Big Fix remains one of the few sources that exposed the hidden dimension to the financial crisis initiated by the large-scale failure of Savings & Loan institutions in the 1980s. In its closing chapter it warned that the same factors that resulted in the Savings & Loan debacle existed in the housing market and an even greater financial catastrophe would come. Less than two decades later, its warning proved accurate. [Read More]

Rise of the Drug TradeThe Rise of the Drug Trade: In the 1960s, the drug trade for heroin blossomed into a global industry. In the 1980s, the large-scale production and distribution of crack-cocaine transformed American cities into a battleground between street gangs. The explosion of the illicit drug trade for heroin and cocaine is a phenomenon that remains unexplained by the policy makers and organizations that combat it. [Read More]


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Phoenix RebornThe Phoenix Reborn: Between 1967-1973, the United States conducted the most ambitious program of the Vietnam War: the Phoenix Program. Popularly remembered as an assassination program due to its use of blacklists, the true nature of the Phoenix Program and its impact on the conduct of war has been lost.

The Phoenix Program was a trial and error process that wove military, intelligence and security programs and operations together in an effort to defeat the civilian infrastructure supporting the Viet Cong in South Vietnam. It paved the way for the national security system to fight the intelligence- driven wars of the modern day. [Read More]