Lone Wolf

Lone Wolves

Primary Sources/   Secondary Sources

The lone wolf terrorist is an individual who perpetrates violent attacks against civilians.  The lone wolf may be inspired by a terrorist organization’s ideology and objectives but operates independently and outside of it.  Many mass murders executed by lone wolves in the United States have not been connected to any global terrorist threat, such as school shootings.  Lone Wolves pose one of the greatest threats to public safety because they are the hardest for security forces to detect.  This section contains primary and secondary documents about the threat lone wolves pose to national security.

Primary Sources

Government Documents/   Corporate Documents/   Speeches/   Interviews/   Letters and Emails/  Multi-Media

Government Documents

Liu, Edward.  “Amendements to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Extended Until June 1, 2015”.  Congressional Research Service.  June 16, 2011.

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Corporate Documents


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Letters and Emails


Hamm, Mark.  “Lone Wolf Terrorism in America:  Using Knowledge of Radicalization Pathways to Forge Preventive Strategies”.  Indiana State University.  May 10, 2013.

Secondary Sources

Reports/   Books/   Articles/   Multi-Media/   General Resources


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General Resources

Marlatt, Greta.  “Lone Wolf Terrorism-A Brief Bibliography”.  Homeland Security Digital Library:  Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security.  December 2012.