Emerging Threats

Emerging Threats

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The list of threats to national security is in constant flux as technology evolves, weapon production and distribution increases and terrorist groups gain momentum. This section provides primary and secondary documents on current and emerging threats to national security, such as cyber-terrorism, lone wolves, and terrorist and insurgent organizations.

Identified Threats

The identification and analysis of emerging threats to national security is conducted by national security organizations, private corporations and academia.  Threats to the United State’s political, economic and social system span state-actors, non-state actors, changes in the private market and natural disasters.  This section contains primary and secondary documents about the identification and analysis of potential threats to the United States. [Read More…]

Lone Wolves

The lone wolf terrorist is an individual who perpetrates violent attacks against civilians.  The lone wolf may be inspired by a terrorist organization’s ideology and objectives but operates independently and outside of it.  Many mass murders executed by lone wolves in the United States have not been connected to any global terrorist threat, such as school shootings.  Lone Wolves pose one of the greatest threats to public safety because they are the hardest for security forces to detect.  This section contains primary and secondary documents about the threat lone wolves pose to national security. [Read More…]


Cyber-terrorism, the use of computers, networks, and the internet to cause destruction and harm, is one of the newest threats to emerge in the 21st century.  Cyber-terrorists and hackers have the potential to invade and shut down government and corporate computer networks to steal secrets and damage the economy.  This section contains primary and secondary documents detailing the threats posed by cyber-terrorism and the efforts to combat it. [Read More…]

Terrorists and Insurgents

Terrorist and insurgent groups are constantly confused, especially since there is no universal definition for either term.  Terrorism has been described by the FBI as the use of force against people or property to further a political objective.  Insurgency has been defined as a rebellion or a political-military effort against the controlling forces of a country, which may involve terrorism as a tactic.  This section contains primary and secondary documents on the terrorist and insurgent groups identified by the U.S. and foreign governments.  [Read More…]